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Here’s a little ‘how to’ guide on sissonne fermée dessus or as I call out in class sissonne over.

  1. Start in fifth position left foot devant arms in third (left arm forward)

  2. Demi plie

  3. Jump to the left pointing both feet taking the arms to second position.

  4. Land in a demi plié left leg first and then the right leg closing devant. The arms should be in third position as you do this (right arm front).

  5. Stretch the legs and repeat to the other side as desired.

A sissonne fermée dessus can commence with the right leg devant.


Leg Split - This jump can be small if the exercise is quick or bigger jump with the legs splitting if for example it is set in a grand allegro exercise.

Point your feet - Point both toes on the jump and try to keep the feet pointed for as long as you can before you close to a plié. It’s particularly important to point the underneath foot and to ensure the leg closing devant on the jump doesn’t close flexed.

Transfer of weight - Lean the body into the direction you are travelling. If you are performing a sissone fermée dessus with the right leg in front move your body to the right. If you are perming it with the left leg in front lean your body to the left.

Gaze - Make sure to turn your gaze towards the direction you are travelling.

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