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Polonaise a step of polish origin is a slow step which travels diagonally across the stage. It usually uses a 3/4 time signature where you are up on demi pointe for two counts and down on a fondu for the third count. If you are taking bbodance grades 4 & 5 you will see this step used in centre practice.

How to:

1. Starting fifth croisé right foot in front facing DSR on the ouverte line (see stage directions blog)

2. Chassé en arriere taking the arms first to second (chasse the feet from fifth position to fourth traveling backwards coming to a dégagé devant with the right foot in front)

3. Fondu the left leg with the right leg dégagé devant (+ count)

4. Step up onto demi pointe with the right leg in front keeping the arms in second position (count 1)

5. Step forward again staying en demi pointe but this time with the left foot in front (count 2)

6. Step forward again staying en demi pointe but this time with the right foot in front which then bends en fondu and the arms move to fourth opposition looking underneath the arm (opposite arm is up to the leg extended in front) (count 3)

7. At the same time swish the left foot forward travelling the feet through first really using the floor to an extended leg à terre and a fully pointed foot (count 3)

8. Repeat again this time stepping the left foot forward en demi pointe

Things to look out for:

LIFT: Make sure that as you travel that you lift from your hamstrings. You can even perform this step with your hands resting on your lower back to help you achieve the correct feeling of the movement.

CREATE RESISTANCE: Really use the floor when you come down from demi pointe to fondu. Make sure you are moving through first position to dégagé devant en fondu.

GAZE: Keep the gaze lifted try not to look down at your feet as you travel this step. Instead keep the gaze lifted and pull up your upper body.

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