BEGINNERS BALLET CLASS (Grade 3) - For those who are completely new to ballet and want to learn at a slow pace. 

IMPROVERS BALLET CLASS (Grade 4) - For those who want to learn at a slower pace but have some previous ballet knowledge.

IMPROVERS BALLET CLASS (Grade 5) - For those with previous ballet knowledge who want to master skills such as pique turns and pirouettes.

INTERMEDIATE BALLET CLASS (Inter-foundation)  For those who would like to start the vocational route of their ballet training. This class includes both male and female ballet exercises. For those who have danced for many years as an adult or who danced to an advanced level as a child. In this class we will focus on double pirouettes from fifth, pas de basque saute, pique turns etc.

ADVANCED BALLET CLASS  (Grade 6) - For those with an advanced knowledge of ballet  who have been dancing as an adult for many years or who danced to an advanced level as a child. In this class we will focus on double pirouettes, echappé, setenu, balloné, sissone, grand jeté etc.


Improve your strength and flexibility with our floor barre stretch and strengthening class. The class includes a series of mat based exercises to strengthen your core and increase your flexibility. Perfect alongside our graded classes to improve your technique. Also ideal for those wanting to increase their fitness. PLEASE BRING A YOGA MAT WITH YOU.


The class will be a beginner level where we focus on strengthening the feet and legs and then later in the term we will move onto inter foundation pointe work syllabus. You must attend the preceding ballet class before taking this class. 



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