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BALANCÉ DE COTÉ (travelling en avant)

Updated: Feb 9

You will have seen in previous blog posts that I went into lots of detail about balancé de coté bringing the foot to the back. This diagram (reading right to left) demonstrates bringing the foot to the front which is how we perform our balancé in our grade 3 Waltz Echainement exercise. I will explain in detail below how we perform this step but essentially just think step to the side and then rock forwards and backwards. Typically this step uses a 3/4 time signature and we step the side on count 1, rock forwards on count 2 and then backwards on count 3 repeating right left right left travelling en avant.

How to;

  1. Stand in first position take the arms first to second on the introduction as you pointe tendu devant the right leg.

  2. Light spring onto the right leg en fondu and bring the left leg to cou de pied devant. The left arm should come up to fourth position as you do this.

  3. Place weight onto the left leg right in front of the right leg and slightly lift the right leg off of the ground. The legs are now straight.

  4. Rock back onto the right leg en fondu with the left leg coming to pointe tendu devant.

  5. Repeat to the other side bringing the right arm to fourth.

See the diagram below for more information (reads right to left).

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