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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

1. First position - Ensure you are standing evenly on both legs with the knees pulled up. The back should also be straight with the shoulders back and down and the lumbar spine elongated.

2. Plié - The knees should now be bent to their maximum making sure that they don’t bend over the toes. The bottom should be engaged and the legs should be turned out from the hips.

3. Jump - Now the floor should be pushed away by the feet. The legs should be completely straight with the knees pulled up and the feet fully pointed from the ankle joint.

4. Land - The toes should be the first part of the foot to touch the floor then ball of the foot and then the heel. The maximum plié should also be maintained again taking care not to plié too far over the toes.

5. Recover - The legs should now be straightened back to first position. The heels should be touching together and you should have landed in the exact same spot that you started.

At Balletic we follow the bbodance ballet syllabus which in turn uses the ‘Gail Grant Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet‘ for all of it‘s terminology. Diagrams may be different to what you are used to based on the school of ballet that you follow.

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