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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

1. Standing in fifth position right foot forward* (This exercise can be performed at the barre or in the centre.) 2. Commence the step by bringing the right foot to a retiré position. Draw a line from the arch of the left foot up the calf and then stopping at the knee. Make sure to keep the supporting left leg fully stretched and the working right leg turned out from the hip with the knee to the side and the foot fully pointed. You would normally start with the arms in bras bas bringing them to first when in retiré moving at the same time as the leg.

3. Make sure that the hips stay level and face forward. 4. Extend the right leg devant, derrière or à la seconde en l’air in a fully extended position. (If executing a developpé derrière or a la seconde coming from the back you would have your retire to the back of the knee.) As you extend the leg the arm would come to second position.

5. Développé Devant: When performing this step devant turn the leg out from the hip and aim to have the heel facing the ceiling. Imagine that you could rest a cup of tea on your ankle.

6. Développé à la Seconde: When performing this step à la seconde make sure the working leg in turned out from the hip with heel facing forward or even upwards depending on your ability.

7. Développé Derrière: Starting with a retiré derrière extend the leg to the back. Make sure that the leg is fully extended and pulled up from the knee. It is very common in the position for the leg to slightly bend and sway outwards. Make sure the leg stays right behind you with the heel now facing floor as you turn out from the hip.

8. The développé then comes to a tendu position and then closes back to fifth position. The arm then returns to bras bas.

*This step can also be performed with the right foot forward

At Balletic we follow the bbodance ballet syllabus which in turn uses the ‘Gail Grant Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet‘ for all of it‘s terminology. Diagrams may be different to what you are used to based on the school of ballet that you follow.

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