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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Attitude is a position performed regularly during class or ballet repertoire. It can be used as an ending pose, in a pirouette (a turn), in a penché (a bend forward) and a en tournant (in a pivot). The extended leg can be taken devant, a la seconde and derrière and it can be performed effacé, croisé and en face. The arms are usually in fourth position and the extended leg can be en l’air (in the air) or à terre (on the ground). The below diagrams will describe how the positions should feel.

At Balletic we follow the bbodance ballet syllabus which in turn uses the ‘Gail Grant Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet‘ for all of it‘s terminology. Diagrams may be different to what you are used to based on the school of ballet that you follow.

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