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ASSEMBLÉ SOUTENU (en tournant en dedans)

Updated: Oct 31, 2020


  1. Stand in fifth position right foot in front croisé facing DSL (downstage left see stage directions blog)

  2. Prepare the right leg dégagé devant arms in third ordinaire (right arm forward)

  3. Fondu onto the right leg to face DSR (see stage directions blog) taking the left leg to second á terre (on the ground) and the arms to second position

  4. Draw the left leg to the front of the right leg in a rise in fifth position taking the arms to first position

  5. Remaining in fifth position turn clockwise keeping the arms in first position

  6. Lower in fifth position in a plie facing downstage left again


ENGAGE - Before you turn make sure you engage the turn out muscles at the back of the thigh and the side of the gluteus muscles. This will make the turn sharper and smoother.

TIGHT - Make sure that as you draw the working leg to fifth position that you come to a crossed fifth position which is tight. Make sure there is no gap between the feet in fifth position. If you leave a gap between the feet it will make it almost impossible to turn and if you do manage to turn it will feel very unstable. Think about he demi detourné exercise we do at the barre.

ELBOWS - When you turn it’s really easy for the arms to collapse make sure that as you turn you lift the elbows in first position and maintain the first position as you turn.

SPOT - Like all turns in ballet you need to make sure you are spotting the direction you are travelling in. Find a spot in the corner of the room and make sure you find the spot before you turn and then find the same spot again after the turn.

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