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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Épaulement meaning ‘shouldering’ or ‘the placing of the shoulders’ (Grant 2008) involves the body facing croisé either to downstage right of left in fifth position (see stage positions blog) the shoulders face the direction of the body whereas the head is over the front shoulder. The movement is instigated from the waist rather than the shoulders themselves and it’s important to maintain the correct posture in this exercise with the shoulders back and down lengthening from the lumbar spine. This step is most commonly seen in a croisé or effacé direction however can also be used facing en face. You will see èpaulement croisé or en face in the bbodance sauté exercises and épaulement effacé most commonly in bbodance port de bras exercises.

Épaulement Croisé

For example in a changement sauté from fifth position;

  1. Stand in fifth position croisé right foot forward

  2. Arms in bras bas

  3. Torso and body faces DSL

  4. Head looks ahead en face over the front right shoulder

  5. Plié

  6. Sauté changing the leg so that the left foot is in front when you land in fifth position

  7. The torso and shoulders are now facing DSR

  8. The head remains en face now looking over the left shoulder

Épaulement Effacé

  1. Standing in fifth position arms in bras bas right foot in front

  2. Torso and shoulders facing downstage right

  3. Head faces en face

  4. Tendu devant taking the arms first to fourth opposition (left arm up)

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